Planning for Retirement

A secure, comfortable retirement is everyone’s dream and because we’re living longer we can expect to spend more time in retirement than our parents or grandparents did. We approach retirement planning in two simple stages – painting your vision and charting the path to a fulfilling retirement.

Painting your vision

We often find that because our clients have such busy lives, or just because they have never sat down to really talk about it, they usually do not have clear retirement goals. Imagine just for a moment what you would have done today if you didn’t have to work. What about next week and the month after that?

It can be hard to do this in advance which is why planning for retirement is an ongoing process. Even if some broad plans can be made, that is a brilliant start.

We will help you paint a picture and define the lifestyle you want in retirement. From the mundane such as paying the bills and putting food on the table, to the more exotic – like lots of dream holidays, exciting experiences, and major purchases such as new cars or a yacht. We will use sophisticated tools such as cashflow planning to quantify these goals.

Charting the path

The second step is making sure you will have sufficient wealth to afford the things you desire. Almost everything we do and decisions we make at key life stages have a financial implication, so this is one of the most challenging aspects of planning for retirement. We will work with you to identify what your vision and milestones are for your life’s journey and then put plans in place so you can embark on the journey with confidence. Understanding your finances puts you in control of your life.

Have you ever wondered, why continue working if you don’t want to and can afford not to?

It sounds simple but many people just don’t have the confidence to make these big decisions. We will put you in a position where you understand your financial situation and have the confidence to make these important decisions. We will be with you every step of the way.

Approaching Retirement/Already retired

Once you get to the point where you want to retire or partially retire we can help plan your income strategy.

You may have a number of assets (such as pensions/ISAs/Unit Trusts/Bonds, etc.) from which you could take a capital sum or an income. We can help you plan this in the most tax efficient and appropriate way given your objectives and circumstances. This makes sure you get the most from your money; be it in tax saved or extra income. Again, this is likely to be an ongoing process as your circumstances and legislation change. We will be with you every step of the way.

Leaving a Legacy

For many people, planning for retirement is also about leaving a legacy after they are gone. Our retirement advice is about maximising returns to make your life fulfilling and leave a surplus for the generations to come. We can advise on tax efficient ways to achieve this. Please refer to the Estate Planning section for more information.

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*All the information on this page is for guidance only and does not constitute advice.

*The value of investments or the returns from it are not guaranteed, and you may get back less than what you invested.

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