At FinsBridge, we know running a business takes vision, determination and a lot of hard work. We take pride in delivering advice to business owners to help them get the best out of the profits they generate, minimise tax and ensure their financial well being. These are some of the ways we can help you

Unlocking cash from your business.

If you have cash locked up in the business you may want to know what options you have to draw the money out without being hit by big tax bills. We can help you use pension contributions and tax relieved investment schemes to reduce your tax obligations and access exciting growth opportunities.

If your company is to cease trading, we can help you dispose of the business and realise the assets into your personal ownership using tax allowances for Entrepreneurs.

With interest rates at historic lows deposit accounts typically pay below inflation returns. Excess capital reserves which cannot be utilised in your business should be put to work elsewhere. We can help you access opportunity on a global scale, allowing you to unlock the potential of your excess capital to generate further profit for your business.

Selling your business and retirement planning

If you are selling your business to retire, we can help you make the most of the capital sum you receive by putting in place a sustainable tax efficient strategy to provide for your future income and lump sum needs.

The key to good financial planning is identifying what can and cannot be achieved and setting realistic expectations for the future. We use detailed cash flow modelling to demonstrate how decisions you take now will shape your future financial circumstances.

This process ensures you can make an informed decision when faced with difficult questions and trade-offs; such as the impact of prioritising legacy over retirement income, or the implications of taking higher income in the early years, or going ahead with a big one-off purchase like a boat or second home.

Putting in place a measurable targeted plan to secure your long term financial security allows you to concentrate on enjoying your retirement.

Read our Retirement Planning section for more information.

Protecting your business from the unknown

We can source insurance cover from across the market place, helping you protect your business against the loss of key figures, such as directors and senior staff members:

Key Person Insurance

The loss of key personnel can have a significant impact on the revenue and profitability of your business, this is often particularly true of small businesses. We can arrange cover to protect your business against the loss of key personnel, providing a valuable lifeline to help your business get back on its feet.

Succession Planning

Succession planning enables surviving shareholders or partners to purchase the shares of a deceased shareholder or partner to ensure business continuity. Taking cover ensures funds are available to purchase the shares and retain control of the business.

Relevant Life Cover

For many small businesses, the ability to generate future profits is directly linked to the well-being of the directors and other senior staff. By protecting your life through the business as a director, you are establishing tax efficient premiums that protect you individually as a stakeholder in the business.

All the information on this page is for guidance only and does not constitute advice.

The value of investments or the returns from them are not guaranteed and you may get back less than what you invested.

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