What Do You Want to Achieve in Life? What are your hopes and dreams? We can help you make them a reality.

We all have goals in life – things we want to achieve. For some, these are the simple things in life. To live in a nice house by the sea, to be close to their family and to be in good health.

For others, there are more adventurous things to be done. Learn to fly a plane, climb a mountain or drive a racing car.

Whatever your life goals are, money is usually central to achieving them. Money provides choice and opportunity and allows you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

At FinsBridge, we talk through our clients’ life goals and show them how they can be achieved with a great financial plan and proactive investment management.

Getting the most out of life is really important and whatever your goals and dreams are, our job is to help you make them your reality.

The Most Popular Life Goals

If you haven’t yet thought much about the things you really want to do with your life, the list below is from a 2014 survey of the top life ambitions of over 65s:

1. Travel the world

2. See my family settled

3. Live to 100

4. Write a bestselling novel

5. Win the lottery

6. Buy a house

7. Learn a language

8. Be financially secure

9. Become a grandparent

10. See my favourite sports team play one more time

11. Provide for my family

12. Learn to fly

13. Buy a classic car

14. Learn to play a musical instrument

15. See the Northern Lights

16. Go on a world cruise

17. Lose weight

18. Take up charity work

19. Take part in a skydive or parachute jump

20. Get a hole in one

21. Create the ultimate garden

22. Go to university

23. Drive a racing car

24. Learn to swim

25. Climb a mountain

26. Fall in love

27. Go on a ride in a hot air balloon

28. Emigrate

29. Fly first class

30. Live by the sea

31. Meet a celebrity

32. Learn to paint

33. Fly a helicopter

34. Fly in a Spitfire or Lancaster

35. Go on a road trip across America

36. Renovate the house

37. Paint a masterpiece

38. Perform on stage

39. Go on the Orient Express

40. Retire

Whatever you want to achieve in life, we’re here to help. Contact us today to take the first step to achieve your goals and realising your dreams.

A survey compiled by YouGov and Centra Pulse 2014. Survey size: 2000+ people aged 65 and over.

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