ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Investing

We’re all keenly aware of our impact on the world, and many of us seek to actively reduce the negative repercussions of our daily routines. ESG investing allows investors to focus on companies, organisations and funds that seek to create a positive social and environmental impact through their products and activities. As well as helping you to do the right thing, ESG investing can also offer you the chance to capitalise on niche market opportunities.

Let us consider the criteria to consider for ESG investing:

ESG: Environmental
• carbon emissions
• resource efficiency
• water and waste management
• sustainable infrastructure

ESG: Social
• community engagement
• human rights
• supply chain management
• health and safety
• employee relations and diversity

ESG: Governance
• independent, diverse board membership
• transparency and accountability
• positive corporate culture
• director remuneration

We use these factors to research the marketplace and offer our clients carefully selected ESG investment solutions to suit your preferences.

For more information on ESG and how we can help you invest in a responsible way, please contact us today to discuss this area further.

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